Professional organizations that support the work I do need my support now as much as I need their support. Today I took a small step so far as difficulty in doing so with their online membership submission process (International Documentary Association) but a big step in that I stood up for an organization that has “the back” for documentary filmmakers with seminars, grants, newsletters and much more. I’ve pondered joining for two years. The recommendation of IDA by fellow filmmakers, Lisa Eismen and Anita Sugimura Holsapple, is why I took the step today.

Organizations like IDA exist in the real world of administrative costs, small staff and big responsibilities to tackle for their membership. Membership dues make a difference in the overall income for such a 501(c)(3).

I encourage whomever is reading this to think of organizations that celebrate the career choices you’re making or have made. See what joining those organizations might mean for you now at a time when fellow professionals rooting for what you do IS key to the success of projects and building your business.

Susan Carol Davis, President – Curious Dog Creative LLC