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Who is Curious Dog Creative?

     Curious Dog Creative is a full- service film and stage production company located in Denton, Texas, an innovative two-university community less than an hour from the DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field. CDC’s President Susan Carol Davis is a native Texan with broad film, television and stage production experience in Los Angeles, Nashville and the DFW area. Davis brings hands on experience to building a production team for your dream project and seeing that project to completion with skill, integrity and imagination.

     Are you a stage and screen performer seeking career direction and coaching?  Look to Curious Dog Creative for personalized consultation focused on achieving goals that are most important to you. Come to CDC to launch a project, assess your entertainment career goals and connect with other professionals in your chosen field.

Susan Carol Davis

Susan Carol Davis is founder and president of Curious Dog Creative. In conjunction with CDC, Davis diversifies her creative pursuits as an award-winning film/stage director, public television producer, actress and arts educator.

Denton, Texas is Susan’s hometown with degrees from Texas Christian University and the Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond, Virginia.

Community service and arts advocacy are especially important to Susan who currently serves as Director of Film Programming for the Thin Line Fest and President of Artists Enclave of Denton County. Davis is an active member of Women in Film Dallas, the SAG/AFTRA and the Actors’ Equity Association. Commercial and theatrical representation is with the Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas, Texas.

"Stage and Film are mediums that help all find stories which speak to the heart, soul and mind — no matter the age, geographic location or philosophic roots of the filmmaker or viewer."
Susan Carol Davis

Our Services


Tell a compelling story with high production values and that makes a positive difference and entertains. Work with the best crew and equipment.


Craft a budget. Stay on track of scheduling, casting and paperwork that are a must for present and future distribution.

Acting Instruction

Private coaching prepares for the roles now and future opportunities. Work on camera for audition preparation and personal confidence.

Project Development

Break new ground Find out how to develop a script, apply for grants, and learn what it takes to build financial support for your dream project.

Past Clients and Project Collaborators

Clients – Film and Television related

KERA / Frame of Mind

Texas Woman’s University

University of North Texas

Greater Denton Arts Council – Grant Recipient

Collaborators – Film and Television

Linda S. Anderson / Writer and Producer, Curious Dog Creative

Claire DeJarnett / Cinematographer and Editor, Curious Dog Creative

Catherine Gaffney / Actress, Dharma Road Productions

Mellina Stucky / Producer, Curious Dog Creative

Barton Weiss / Producer, Frame of Mind

Deanna Wheaton-Titzler / Texas Woman’s University

Arts – Nonprofit

Joshua Butler / Director, Thin Line Fest

Randall M. Good / Visual artist and writer, Artists Enclave of Denton County​

Georgina Ngozi / Executive Director – Greater Denton Arts Council


Sarah Anne Adams / Actress, Mary Collins Agency

David Atkinson / Actor, Actors Co-op Theatre – Los Angeles

Brenda Ballard / Actress, Actors Co-op Theatre

James Buglewicz / Director and Producer, Dharma Road Productions

Patrick Bynane / Theatre Program Director, Texas Woman’s University

Susan Thornton / Artists Enclave of Denton County

Jill A. Massie / Dialect/ Dialogue Coach and Actress

Upcoming & Past - Projects & Events


Mack Minded: Humanly Possible

Film Production

Mack Minded: Humanly Possible - Teaser


Living Art: Jo Williams (Director)

Waking the Dead (Co-Director)

Retno’s Refusal (Co-Director/Co-Producer)

When We Were All Broncos (Associate Producer)


For any inquiries please email or call

SCDavis.cdc@gmail.com | 310-508-9963


"As a dialect and acting coach, I have been fortunate to have worked with some remarkable actors over my 35-year career. A few of them stand out…some are well known and some are not. But each one whose work sticks with me possesses something special, their intellect, their deftness with text, their creativity. And some, like the remarkable Susan Davis, have an amalgam of all three. And she is beautiful, a dream to work with and has the work ethic to match the talent. I truly love working with Susan and am always excited to do so. And I also love that I get to call her ‘friend’. She is both a talent and a joy…a rare and exquisite combination."