The abrupt change in 2020 schedules for almost every phase of film, television and stage production at first had the effect of stopping me in my tracks until I realized how much work there was to do in my “own little world”.

The timely completion of construction on my new home office happened just two weeks before the COVID-19 shelter in place. Yes, boxes are still stacked high and bookshelves remain to be filled but the beauty of it all is that there now IS time to make this office fully functional for all that’s to come.

I’m looking out into my backyard filled with budding flowers, nature-green grass and cardinals feeding their young. COVID-19 could have happened in the hardest days of winter. It did not here in Texas and though sheltering in place when it’s gorgeous outside could seem maddening, again, it doesn’t have to be that way. I have an office on the ground floor of my home. I have access to two doors where my pups can come and go.

A very significant lesson for me in all of this world of time is that there is a world of possibility for learning many new things: writing grants, developing film projects, mentoring emerging filmmakers and I pray, above all, staying connected with friends and family along with strangers and newcomers in my community.

In a world of time is a world of need. In a world of need is a heart to respond.

Susan Carol Davis