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About Curious
Dog Creative LLC

Curious Dog Creative LLC  began work as an entertainment company in the areas of documentary film making and project consultation six years ago with Susan Carol Davis’ long-time interest in storytelling from a historical and culturally relevant point of view. What has happened in the past impacts the present and the future so Curious Dog Creative believes insightful interviews and archival research are invaluable.

Collaboration with industry professionals in the areas of directing, producing, screenwriting, photography, editing, and music scoring are at the heart of what makes Curious Dog Creative LLC an excellent choice for developing projects that reflect fine attention to the details that matter, when you want your story to be one audiences, will long remember.

Curious Dog Creative LLC brings Susan Carol Davis’ experience as a professional actress to the forefront of narrative film productions, stage productions, and public speaking engagements. Whether she is coaching an actor for auditions or a community leader for a formal presentation, Ms.Davis provides positive, practical instruction that inspires confidence and develops her students’ natural talents.

A company dedicated to creativity and communication that captures the imagination needs a mascot and ours is Johnny Cash Cisco, a rescue with a big heart, a curious mind, and strong loyalty. Cisco is truly “one of a kind” in the best sense of the word as is every project developed by Curious Dog Creative.

Curious about how CDC can help you realize your dream project?  


What’s involved in a project consultation?

CDC offers a complimentary consultation at an arranged date/time/place in order for a client to describe in as much detail as possible the client’s dream project. Following the consultation, CDC provides a recommended plan of action in a timely manner with such variables as projected budget and schedule for completion.

Does CDC offer on camera services for acting instruction and coaching?

CDC works with quality technical equipment and realizes the benefit of a client seeing and hearing a his/her work on camera. Special arrangements can be made
to provide this service.

Will CDC work with clients in a wide variety of geographic locations?

If CDC can make the project happen for a client regardless of the location, CDC will certainly take the project into consideration. Please note that if a consultation and/or project requires round trip travel over 50 m., a standard mileage rate adjusted yearly will be applied to the contracted agreement.

Our Services


Tell a compelling story with high production values and that makes a positive difference and entertains. Work with the best crew and equipment.


Craft a budget. Stay on track of scheduling, casting and paperwork that are a must for present and future distribution.

Acting Instruction

Private coaching prepares for the roles now and future opportunities. Work on camera for audition preparation and personal confidence.

Project Development

Break new ground Find out how to develop a script, apply for grants, and learn what it takes to build financial support for your dream project.


Why are dogs so Curious?

Curious Dog Creative LLC came by its name from Susan Carol Davis’ love for her canines who constantly explore and experience the world with a curiosity that plays a very big role in their lives. Their loyalty tops the charts. Their love energizes. They are CDC’s inspiration. (Featured above: Dillon and Genna)

Direct + Produce + Perform + Consult

Past Clients and Project Collaborators

Clients – Film and Television related

KERA / Frame of Mind

Texas Woman’s University

University of North Texas

Greater Denton Arts Council – Grant Recipient

Collaborators – Film and Television

Linda S. Anderson / Writer and Producer, Curious Dog Creative LLC

Claire DeJarnett / Cinematographer and Editor, Curious Dog Creative LLC

Catherine Gaffney / Actress, Dharma Road Productions

Mellina Stucky / Producer, Curious Dog Creative LLC

Barton Weiss / Producer, Frame of Mind

Deanna Wheaton-Titzler / Texas Woman’s University

Arts – Nonprofit

Joshua Butler / Director, Thin Line Fest

Randall M. Good / Visual artist and writer, Artists Enclave of Denton County​

Georgina Ngozi / Executive Director – Greater Denton Arts Council


Sarah Anne Adams / Actress, Mary Collins Agency

David Atkinson / Actor, Actors Co-op Theatre – Los Angeles

Brenda Ballard / Actress, Actors Co-op Theatre

James Buglewicz / Director and Producer, Dharma Road Productions

Patrick Bynane / Theatre Program Director, Texas Woman’s University

Susan Thornton / Artists Enclave of Denton County

Jill A. Massie / Dialect/ Dialogue Coach and Actress