Story Town with Weldon’s

For 60 years Weldon Burgoon has started his day at Weldon’s Saddle Shop and Western Wear in Denton, Texas in much the same way, greeting customers with southern hospitality and a firm handshake. At 86 years young Weldon made the hard decision in 2016 to close the family operated store, a longtime fixture in Denton. Its closing is symptomatic of the changing times, the passing of a western way of life that was once the heart of this North Texas community. And as the store’s longtime slogan stated, it’s the last chance to “Buy from a Real Cowboy”. Bonnie and Nick Norris’ Americana folk tunes and an original ballad by J. Aaron Cundall are featured along with historical footage and photographs. Interviews of Weldon, daughter Kippie Burgoon Wilkinson and grandson Clint Wilkinson round out a tale that you’d only find in Story Town Denton.


Thin Line Film Festival
Denton, Texas
United States
April 22, 2017

Frame of Mind – Video Association of Dallas & KERA
United States
October 5, 2017

Dallas VideoFest
Flicks by Chicks Short Film Program
(sponsored by Women in Film)
November 4, 2017


“Ten-Gallon Heart”
Denton Record-Chronicle


Susan Carol Davis
Waking the Dead (Co-Director); Living Art: Jo Williams; Retno’s Refusal (Co-Director/Co-Producer); When We Were All Broncos (Associate Producer); The Spirit Horse (Producer); The Importance of Blind Dating (Producer)

Linda S. Anderson
Writer, Producer
Living Art: Jo Williams

Jeremy Taub
Director of Photography, Editor

Alex McKellar
Second Camera