Living Art: Jo Williams

Living Art features Jo Williams, an award-winning watercolorist and longtime resident of Denton, Texas, who, over the past 40 years, has been an active supporter of the arts in the community and beyond. Williams’ students speak of her teaching them to “see the world with an artist’s eye.” Besides achieving recognition from her profession as an artist and teacher, Williams has volunteered countless hours, playing a key role in the growth and diversity of the Denton arts scene. This is the first in a series focusing upon successful artists who enrich their communities by living their art. North Texas musicians provide original music for Living Art with poetry narration by 2010 Texas State Poet Laureate, karla k. morton.

The Greater Denton Arts Council, Texas Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts are funding organizations for Living Art: Jo Williams


Thin Line Film Festival
Denton, Texas
United States
April 22, 2017



Susan Carol Davis
Story Town with Weldon’s (Director); Waking the Dead (Co-Director); Retno’s Refusal (Co-Director/Co-Producer); When We Were All Broncos (Associate Producer); The Spirit Horse (Producer); The Importance of Blind Dating (Producer)

Linda S. Anderson
Producer, Writer / Narrator
Story Town with Weldon’s (Producer)

Mateo Aaron Granados
Director of Photography
Editor: Banter Documentary / Director: Old Dirty Basement

Jeremy Taub
Second Camera, Editor
Story Town with Weldon’s (Director of Photographer)

karla k. morton
Narrator / Texas Poet Laureate
Author of 11 books including Redefining Beauty, Becoming Superman and Passion, Art, Community: Denton, Texas in Word and Image

Clare Barns Warren, Composer
Music Contributors

Polly Maynard, Classical Guitarist
Music Contributors

Chuck Voellinger, Composer/Guitarist – Trotline
Music Contributors

Chris Veon, Composer/ Guitarist – Trotline
Music Contributors

Jacob Dill, Bass
Music Contributors