It’s not every day that a filmmaker has opportunity to see the work he or she has created on the “Silver Screen” or at least something larger than an iPhone or a computer monitor.

Film festivals like Thin Line Fest or the Denton Black Film Festival are spectacular ways to share the story you’ve created visually with the rest of the world. Public television programs like KERA’s Frame of Mind series are yet another way. You can have multiple DVDs made and neatly packaged for sale in the Curious Dog Creative online store or the Discover Denton Welcome Center.

But there is also the unexpected blessing of an invitation to screen your film before a live audience in another place outside your local or regional movie theatre. Such is the case with “Story Town with Weldon’s” being shown at the DAM Awards Short Film Nominations Screening on Wednesday, March 31st, 9 pm, Dan’s Silverleaf. FREE! That follows with the invitation to share “Living Art: Jo Williams” at next Wednesday’s Visual Arts Society of Texas meeting, February 7th, 7 pm, Patterson-Appleton Arts Center.

Thank you, thank you DENTON arts supporters and film enthusiasts for letting the stories of our hometown be seen by more and more people.

When we share a common story, we share a new “common history”. I love that. How about you?